hey all,
we’ve been quite busy here at Litwin Productions. first of all, we redid one of our logos ūüôā as seen below

 second of all, we got our first major editing job. we are also filming it, so two birds killed with one stone. video will be posted up here, or facebook page and our youtube page.

dont forget to follow us at:

or drop us an email at litwinproducations@gmail.com

hope to hear from you all soon,

Carla Aviva
Litwin Productions


welcome to Litwin Productions

Welcome to Litwin Productions, where we do everything from video editing, to help building your blog/website.

Here at Litwin Productions, you (the customer) comes first. Meaning your wants, your needs, your wishes come first, and it’s our job to do that.

We believe that without media of any kind (media meaning video, audio and visual) the world will not know what is going on out side of our own home basically.

We just don’t do video editing and building blogs/websites. Oh no, we do more than that. We photoshop your¬†favorite¬†photos , we can also crop them to the perfect size. As well, we can burn your home videos onto DVD, and make a lovely cover for them. want us to edit that summer¬†vacation video when you swore by mistake. No problem, we can edit it so grandma, or mom doesn’t know about that.

We hope you enjoy our site and if you have any questions don’t be¬†afraid to drop us an email, one of us will answer you as soon as we see it.